16 August 2010

13 Hawaii residents charged with real estate fraud

Two indictments of 13 Oahu residents and one Washington state resident were unsealed Thursday.
U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii [said] that the purpose of the conspiracies and fraud schemes were to defraud lending institutions and others by submitting loan documents containing false information.
One of the indictments charges 10 defendants in 56 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and false statements on loan applications. The others were named in 33 counts of the same nature.
The indictments were the result of an IRS and the FBI criminal investigation. 
The 14 defendants are:

Estrelita Garo Miguel, 58
Jennifer Garin Miguel, 29 [a chip off the old block this one]
Yolie Castillo Tiburcio, 36
Vinah Ceriales Morales, 45
Geraldine Garin Miguel Lukela, 33
Teresita Faeldonea Sorino, 33
Mary Ann Lapenia, 57
Stephen Elmer Callo, 59
Albert Lonoikauakini Joy, 45
Atlantica Kahaunani Tanuvasa, 37
Lene Tanuvasa Jr., 40
Samantha Michel, 37
Michelle Lee Malulani Kama, 39
Felicidad Tabalbag Corpuz, 60, of Washington state
Read more: 13 Hawaii residents charged with fraud - Pacific Business News (Honolulu) 

Just the tip of the iceberg I suspect.

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