01 September 2012

Slips and Skids: The Honolulu Housing Price Index

In the second quarter of 2012, Honolulu home prices continued to skid downward - by a little. The Honolulu Home Price Index (HHPI, lets call it) slipped just a bit (-0.79%, before inflation correction) last quarter while the rest of the country ticked up a bit.  Here's the updated graph.
[click for larger image]

* The FHFA, where I get the nominal index values (actually the quarterly change) revised their database for Honolulu since the last time I made this chart. I'm not sure why, but the numbers only changed a little as you can see by comparing this chart to the previous version.
** These are inflation adjusted (CPI-U) values and by definition 1990=100.


  1. Some pretty badly flawed numbers from trulia:


    It's much cheaper to buy a home than rent one in 100 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas — even in high-priced Hono­lulu — according to a report released Thursday by the real-estate website Trulia.

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